Weekly Wine Tasting

This Wednesday, Sam from Heritage Wine Cellars will be joining us and tasting out a few of his favorite wines from their portfolio. The tasting will include Au Bon Climat Pinot Gris Pinot Blanc blend, Tiamo Pinot Grigio, Klinker Old Vine Zinfandel, and Marques de Caceres Reserva Tempranillo. Au Bon Climat Pinot Gris Pinot Blanc blend is pale yellow in color with pungent pear skin and melon scents which are lifted by notes of ginger and white pepper. Juicy and precise, this white offers dusty orchard and citrus fruit flavors and a touch of bitter quinine. It is fleshier on the clinging finish, featuring smooth elements of honeydew and poached pear plus a touch of lemon curd. Marques de Caceres Reserva Tempranillo is dark ruby color with an intense and complex bouquet combining fruits of the forest and a hint of spice, with a slight depth of floral notes. It is dense and delicious in the mouth, where exquisite tannins reveal refined toasted notes acquired from select oak. Balanced complexity and rich flavors provide good length and make this a perfect wine to pair with mature cheeses, foie gras, and grilled meats.

On Friday, Phil from Vino et Spiritus will be in the front of the shop pouring Stars Cava, Chateau Salmoniere Muscadet, 6 Degrees Rosé, Injuste red blend, and Denario Malbec. Injuste is a Grenache, Syrah, Carrignan blend out of the Languedoc region of France. It is rich, with fresh cherry and strawberry aromas. The taste is full of dark berries like plum and black cherry along with mocha and a long, soft tanninic structure.

In the back of the shop, Jerry will be sampling beers from Une Année, a Chicago brewery focused on making great beer with an emphasis on Belgian and French styles. Founded early 2012, Une Année is brewing at a location in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor. Fridays tasting will consist of the Maya Belgian inspired IPA, Hopsurd Imperial IPA, and Esquisse American Wild Ale. YUMMY!


Oh, The Weather Outside Is Weather...

If there's one thing to enjoy about winter (besides the frigid temperature, black ice, and thermal underwear), it's gathering with friends inside and consuming the kinds of foods and beverages that are mostly off-limits during the summer months.

Since winter get-togethers often lead to having some leftover red wine, why not use the last pour to make yourself a glass of Claret Punch the day after the party. This is an easy-to-make, tasty cocktail that packs a PUNCH. Think of this as the winter version of Sangria. Here's how to make the drink:


• 6 oz. red Bordeaux (or other Cabernet/Merlot blend)

• Splash of sherry

• Splash of Grand Marnier

• 1 tsp. confectioners sugar or simple syrup

• Slice of orange

• Slice of lemon


Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour, unstrained, into a tall glass. Serve it with a straw. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

  If you're having a party and want to make a full recipe in a punchbowl, use the entire bottle of wine, a couple generous pours of the sherry and Grand Marnier, and add the sugar to taste. You can also extend the volume and give the punch a little bit of a kick by adding a liter of club soda. Slice up a full lemon and orange, and leave the wedges in the punch bowl.

For more delicious cocktail recipes and information on exciting wines visit: 

The Noble Grape has two terrific tastings this week. On Wednesday, Phil from Vino et Spiritus and Beivuma Inc. will be in the shop sampling out a few special wines from his portfolios, then on Friday, James from Maverick Wines will be pouring his favorite wines. The wines being tasted on Wednesday will include Balan Prosecco, Primosic Pinot Grigio, Injuste Red Blend, and Casa Gran del Siurana GR-174. Casa Gran del Siurana GR-174 is a blend of Garnatxa, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Samsó, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. GR-174 is the name of the path that crosses Priorat, Spain, which consists of a small pocket of black hills of volcanic origin where red wines of superb quality have been made for over eight centuries. The vineyards are scattered among eleven valley towns, and are terraced or planted on steep slopes. The bedrock, called llicorella, consists of reddish and black slate. The climate is more extreme than most continental areas. There are cold northern winds, and the warm Mistral blows in from the east. Summers are long, dry and hot, although the temperature may fall to zero in winter. Cherry red in color, Casa Gran del Siurana GR-174 possesses intense and fresh floral aromas, with a mint touch. In the mouth it is fruity, round, and complex. A fine structured wine, well balanced and elegant. A true delight for a brisk evening.

Valentine’s Day

The Rhone Valley is a key wine-producing region in the south-east of France. It follows the north–south course of the Rhone river for almost 150 miles from Lyon to the Rhone Delta (the Bouches-du-Rhône), near the Mediterranean coast. The length of the valley means that Rhone wines are the product of a wide variety of soil types and mesoclimates. The region's wine-producing areas cover such a distance that there is a widely accepted division between its northern and southern parts. Rather neatly, they are separated by a gap of 25 miles (40 km) between the towns of Valance and Montelimar, in which almost no vines are grown.

This division is reflected not only in geography and preferred grape varieties, but also in the quality and quantity of wines produced. The smaller, more quality-driven northern section focuses almost entirely on Syrah for red wines and Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne for whites, while the larger and more prolific south employs a much longer list of varieties. The most notable of these are the red varieties Grenache and Mourvedre, which are combined with Syrah to produce the 'GSM' blend so characteristic of the southern Rhone. While the granite-blessed slopes of the north are paired with a continental climate, the rocky, sandy soils of the flatter south enjoy the warmer winters of a Mediterranean climate.

The Noble Grape has FOUR great tastings for you this week, and don’t forget, all bottles of Rosé are marked 15% off through Valentine’s Day!

On Wednesday, Amy will be tasting out several of South African wineries Eighth Wonder wines. The bottles being opened will include Good Hope Chardonnay, Silver Tree Meritage, Silver Tree Reserve, and Lively Grove Pinotage. The Lively Grove Pinotage is rich and voluptuous, alive with delicious sweet cherry and concentrated black fruit flavors. Hints of fragrant vanilla and muted oak tones all contribute to the wine’s complexity. The finish is smooth and generous.

On Friday, in the front of the shop, The Noble Grape will feature a Valentine’s Day themed wine tasting. In the back of the shop, Sarah from Heartland Beer will pour several of her favorite beers including Middle Brow Beer Co. Robyn Blonde Farmhouse Ale, Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer, as well as Pig Minds Brewing Co.’s Sweep The Leg IPA and Vanilla Bitch Slap American Red Ale. The Robyn is a strong blonde farmhouse ale that utilizes a malt profile derived from both german hefeweizens and belgian blonde ales and is fermented with a special yeast blend from omega yeast labs that combines farmhouse and belgian abbey strains. Yummy!

And finally, The Noble Grape is thrilled to present you with…

Valentine’s Day!!!

A day when lovers can celebrate their romantic bliss, and everyone else can drink like it’s any other Saturday (except with more empty chocolate boxes littered about).

This Saturday, The Noble Grape invites both lovers and loners alike to join us from 4-6 for a Saturday Wine Tasting Extravaganza! We will be tasting out wines that are perfect for cooking a romantic meal for a special someone, or just perfect for drinking on your couch… we won’t judge. Sparkling lovers, look for Col Mesian Spumante Rosé and Gran Pasion Cava, two delicious bubbly bottles perfect to pop before spending a night out on the town. For everyone thirsting for something big and juicy, check out The Seducer and Immortal Zin Zinfandels, these bold and unabashed reds will keep you warm all night long.            

Thanksgiving Made Easy

Whaaaaat?! Two newsletters in one week?! Yup, and we’ve got some important things to tell you, so listen up!

The Noble Grape is excited to present: NEW WINE/SPIRIT/BEER BAGS! That’s right, we’ve got new bags, and coming with them is a GREAT deal. Our new, eco-friendly 4-pack bags cost $3. After purchasing your bag, bring it back and fill up the four slots with any wine, beer, and/or spirit of your choice to receive 10% off those bottles! You heard right, 10% off! Gone are the days of wasting plastic and paper bags! Gone are the days of buying half a case of wine to get any type of deal. A new day has dawned, and with it comes the bargain of a lifetime.

Now let’s talk turkey, or more specifically, Turkey Day. With the feast-of-feasts fast approaching, time is running short to choose the perfect wines to pair with your holiday meal. With this in mind, The Noble Grape has selected four wines that will match up wonderfully with any Thanksgiving celebration. La Giare Vermentino has aromas of rosemary, white and yellow fruits, and litchi; on the palate it is smooth, savory and lively. An all around well-structured wine, with slight bitterness on the finish; perfect with turkey and herbaceous stuffing. Etud Rosé is a salmon pink colored Pinot Noir which offers aromas of enticing red fruits and blood orange. Lush flavors of wild strawberries and rhubarb are complemented by a balanced acidity and bright finish. Pair this wonderful wine with soft cheese and veggie dishes. Gundlach Bundschu Merlot has a bouquet of fruit and delicate florals, opening with honeydew melon, white peach, and green plum with hints of spiced white tea and soft apple blossom. The palate leads with crisp grapefruit, fresh-cut pineapple and honeyed pear notes. Lush fruit flavors linger through the clean and slightly off-dry finish. Bust out this red with the main course and enjoy. Zolo Signature Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Bonarda with bold aromas of coffee candy, chocolate-cherry pie, and peppercorn with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body with a spicy finish. Wrap up your meal with this bottle and be a winner!  

Don’t forget, this Friday, Brian from Compass Wine and Spirits is in charge with a Thanksgiving tasting that will knock your socks off! Les Caves du Prieuré Cremant, Domaine Andre Neveu Sancerre, La Chaussynette Rosé, Alto Limay Joven Pinot Noir, Bodegas Riojanas Canchales, and Wild Hog Zinfandel will all be on the table as Brian talks turkey with you. Swing by this tasting and be the hero of your Thanksgiving festivities.

Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

The holidays are rapidly approaching and it feels as if the weather is backing up the seasons play. That’s why we here at The Noble Grape have vowed to step up our tasting game. And what better time to pull out the “big guns” than right before Thanksgiving? This Friday, The Noble Grape will feature wines that are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, but before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s chat about Beaujolais Nouveau...

Each year on the third Thursday of November, a wine style called Beaujolais Nouveau hits the shelves worldwide. This marks Beaujolais Nouveau Day, a celebration of this wine, its release, and its region. Retailers and winemakers are not allowed to sell the year's Beaujolais Nouveau vintage until then. Beaujolais is a wine region tucked in the Burgundy region in the French alps. For centuries, Beaujolais wine was only a local affair, not widely drank or respected elsewhere.

This all changed in 1951 with the help of some smart wine marketing wizards. They needed to figure out how to make the Beaujolais wine harvest more profitable and the wine more widely recognized. So they cut back on restrictions of when they could release the newest vintages of Beaujolais wine to the middle of November and called this wine Beaujolais Nouveau ("New Beaujolais"). Furthermore, they conjured up an annual race to see who could get their Beaujolais Nouveau to the Paris markets first. And finally, after a long years wait, Beaujolais Nouveau Day triumphantly returns this Thursday! Be sure to snatch up this perfect party wine while you still can!

This Wednesday, The Noble Grape will be pouring a few of Connoisseur Wines best and brightest wines including Bastianich Friulano, Macphail Pinot Noir, Ventisquero Carmenérè, and Bellafina Pink Moscato. The Ventisquero Carmenérè has a deep red color with some violet tones. The nose features berry notes consistent with blueberries and blackberries along with some black pepper, tobacco and chocolate. The palate is very expressive giving a good body, rich with structure and round with soft tannins. The finish is very long and pleasant, perfect to warm you up on a cold night.

On Friday, Brian from Compass Wine and Spirits is in charge with a Thanksgiving tasting that will knock your socks off! Les Caves du Prieuré Cremant, Domaine Andre Neveu Sancerre, La Chaussynette Rosé, Alto Limay Joven Pinot Noir, Bodegas Riojanas Canchales, and Wild Hog Zinfandel will all be on the table as Brian talks turkey with you. Swing by this tasting and be the hero of your Thanksgiving festivities!  

Tempranillo Day

We here at The Noble Grape have a saying: “Tastings come and tastings go. Some are special, while some just blow… your mind away!” Yeah, we like to have fun. But for serious, there are a two terribly-tasty tasting set up for this week, as well as a chance to grab some swag while celebrating an entire day devoted to Rioja’s favorite grape, Tempranillo! Let the games begin! 

On Wednesday, James from Maverick Wine Company will be spending some quality time at the shop with several of his quality wines. The tasting will include Gruet Blanc De Noir, Terres Dorees Rosé, Marcel La Pierre Gamay, Cannonball Merlot, and Montenegro Amaro. Montenegro Amaro is prepared according to the traditional recipe, which has been secretly guarded for over a century. Only the rarest and most prized herbs from around the world are chosen to create this spirit, which create the elegant aroma and distinctive flavors of Montenegro Amaro. Fresh notes of orange peel, coriander and red cherry on the nose lead to a bittersweet, botanical palate with hints of tangerine. The finish displays a bold herbal note complemented by sweet citrus fruit. All the cool kids are drinking it, shouldn’t you too?

Rejoice! Rejoice! This Thursday is International Tempranillo Day! Most often associated with Spain, Tempranillo is the backbone of wines made in the well-known Spanish region of Rioja. On the scale of light to heavy, Tempranillo lands towards the light side. It tends to be higher in acid and lower in alcohol - common for Old World wines - and perfect for matching to food. To celebrate this most excellent of grapes, all bottles of Tempranillo will be marked 10% off all day. But we aren’t done there! Purchase 2 bottles of Tempranillo from Rioja and you’ll receive a reusable Rioja EcoTote Bag, including a complimentary corkscrew!

Finally on Friday, Eric from Bonfire Wine will be showing their two pouch wines; Ignite white blend and Ember red blend. The Bonfire Wine Pouch™ protects natural flavors using several layers of high performance FDA approved (BPA free) materials designed to preserve the quality and care that goes into crafting each Bonfire wine.  As you pour, the package deflates, minimizing exposure to oxygen and extending the freshness up to four weeks after opening. Perfect to bring to large holiday parties!

Friends of The Noble Grape

We at The Noble Grape love this neighborhood and the people who dwell here. Exciting events, shows, new restaurants, and shops are what make Noble Square such a great place to be. It’s with this in mind, that The Noble Grape is pleased to offer promotions for two stellar upcoming events this week.

This Wednesday local band Old Black and Blue Eyes is having the release party for their first album, Beat The Clock at Double Door! Doors open at 7:30 with opening band The City Connection starting at 8 followed by Old Black and Blue Eyes and finally Sammy & The Side Effects finishing the night up. Tickets are $7 at the door BUT WAIT! Mention the super-secret password: Noble Grape at the door and get $2 off your entrance fee! Visit http://oldblackandblueeyes.com/ for more information.

Then on Thursday, ManBQue comes to Ugly Mug Café! ManBQue is a celebration of all things grill/beer oriented. From 7-10, Ugly Mug will open their doors to all men AND WOMEN who love meat and beer. Swing by The Noble Grape on your way, mention ManBQue to our helpful staff, and receive 10% off your purchase! Bring your best meat, beer (or other booze), and get ready to grill! Now let’s talk about what The Noble Grape has going on this week…

On Wednesday, Anjelle from Stoller will be pouring more of her favorite, fantastic wines! This line-up features Zonin Prosecco, Simonsig Chenin Blanc, Ironstone Cabernet Franc, and Midnight Moon Apple-Pie Moonshine. Yes, you heard me, Apple-Pie Moonshine. Yes, it is wonderful. Then on Friday, Kelly will have a TERRIFYING TASTING for Halloween! Kelly brings with her the bewitching Matchbook wines! Sauvignon Blanc, Tinto Rey red blend¸ and their mischievous Malbec will be available for your tasting pleasure. Just be sure to leave out some tasty treats for the local children, lest they play some terrible tricks on you! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!! But seriously, watch out, they’ll T.P. your house…    

Pumpkin Time!

The leaves are falling, it’s raining, and when the sky isn’t opening up the air is crisp and cool. That’s right; it’s time for our annual game of Autumnal Drinking! The rules are simple, if you feel like drinking some delicious libations, do it! Extra points go to those who choose to drink seasonal beverages! This week, The Noble Grape focuses on a beer in the vanguard of autumnal alcohol, Pumpkin Beer! Pumpkin beers come in several different styles and their flavor profiles can vary from “hints of pumpkin” to “Thanksgiving dinner pumpkin pie”. The Noble Grape has recently snatched up two new Pumpkin beers, St-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. St-Ambroise is a savvy blend of pale and caramel malt, hops and spices. Light, playful notes of pumpkin dance around the palate; this is perfect for newcomers to the pumpkin beer scene. Schlafly Pumpkin Ale blends the spices of the harvest with full-bodied sweetness for a beer that tastes like pumpkin pie. Pounds of pumpkin form a malty foundation that supports the fall flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

This Wednesday, The Noble Grape will feature an in-house tasting. Yup, things are gonna get crazy. Then on Friday, we will have a double header tasting! In the front of the shop our dear friend, Lulu will be pouring Californian Bogle Vineyard Essential Red Zinfandel blend. On top of that, Lulu is bringing pizza with her! Meanwhile in the back of the shop, Mario will be sampling out the amazing Green Flash Breweries: West Coast IPA, Green Bullet Triple IPA, and Le Freak Belgian IPA. Come on by and throw back a few with us!       

New Bags! New Discount! New YOU!!!

In a world where people use paper and plastic bags to transport alcohol…

In a time when to earn discounts on booze requires one to make large purchases…

…One wine shop will change everything.

This fall, The Noble Grape presents: NEW WINE/SPIRIT/BEER BAGS! That’s right, we’ve got new bags, and coming with them is a GREAT deal. Our new, eco-friendly 4-pack bags cost $3. After purchasing your bag, bring it back and fill up the four slots with any wine, beer, and/or spirit of your choice to receive 10% off your entire purchase! Yup you heard right, 10% off. Gone are the days of wasting plastic and paper bags! Gone are the days of buying half a case of wine to get any type of deal. A new day has dawned, and with it comes the bargain of a lifetime.

Whew! After news like that, how could we make your day any better? How about if we throw in two AMAZING tastings? Would that do the trick? Good, because this Wednesday, The Noble Grape will be pouring several of Minu Imports wines including Marrone Tartufo Bianco. Then on Friday, Brian from Compass Wine and Spirits is bringing in a few of his favorite wines including La Galope Chardonnay, and Radice Lambrusco. Radice is a delicious, fresh and interesting Lambrusco. The freshness of this pretty rose colored wine makes it ideal with oily fish, scallops and scampi. It is also an excellent aperitif. Be sure to swing by for both these tastings and don’t forget, NEW BAGS!

Labor Day & Arcade Brewery

Labor Day & Arcade Brewery

Hear ye! Hear ye! All ye Kings and Queens, Knights and Nobles! The Noble Grape will be closed this Monday, September 1st for Labor Day. But fear not! We shall be open from 12-10 Sunday for all of your libation needs. So come by and stock up for a lovely Monday of celebrating the social and economic achievements of American workers.

This Wednesday, Andrew from H2Vino will be sampling out Matias Verdelho, Mas de Gourgonnier Rosé, and Murua Tempranillo amongst others! Mas de Gourgonnier Rosé is light, bright orange in color with expressive aromas of fresh red berries and citrus pith. Energetic and precise in the mouth, offering tangy red currant and strawberry flavors and a hint of white pepper. With its racy, dry finish, this is ridiculously easy to drink and perfect for parties.

Then on
Friday, The Noble Grape will have a double header tasting with wine up front and beer in the back. Featured wines will include De Meye Shiraz Rosé, Iona Sophie Le Rouge, and Mr. P Knows Pinot Noir. Mr. P Knows has a nose of morello cherries, strawberry, violet and cranberry. The palate is light and attractive, raspberry, cherry and pepper spice. Velvety tannins and silky acidity lend an elegance to this wine which is often hard to find in a Pinot at this price level.

In the back of the shop, P.J. from Arcade Brewery will be pouring their popular William Wallace Wrestle Fest Scotch Ale and Grapefruit IPA. Arcade Brewery has crafted the very session-able Grapefruit IPA featuring citrus hop aroma and the addition of grapefruit; creating an awesome balance between hop bitterness and the citrus bite. A fine balancing act of biscuit malts allows a long hop finish which won’t fatigue taste buds; allowing the second drink to build off the first. An immensely sessionable ale, Grapefruit IPA will win over all drinkers and give IPA lovers a new take on the incredibly popular style.

Plays in Parks and Ugly Mug Time

It’s gonna be a busy weekend in Chicago, what with the Air and Water Show downtown and Chicago Shakespeare In The Parks hitting Eckhart Park just to name a few; but fear not! The Noble Grape will be here to hold your hand and help you make the best craft wine, beer, and spirit selections possible for whatever the occasion. And as always, we have a couple of fun tastings lined up for you this week, but first we need to talk up a good friend of ours a bit…

The Noble Grape wants to give a big shoutout and an even bigger hug to Ugly Mug Cafe who is celebrating it’s one year anniversary today! CONGRATULATIONS! Here’s to many more years of success! In honor of of their anniversary, Ugly Mug and The Noble Grape are teaming up this weekend for Chicago Shakespeare In The Parks’ rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Swing by Ugly Mug this weekend for their Picnic in the Park Special then stop by The Noble Grape with your receipt for 15% off all wine!

Visit www.chicagoshakes.com/parks for showtimes and additional information.   

Ugly Mug  Picnic in the Park Special

Adult (Picnic for Two)

2 sandwiches or wraps

2 brownies

Kettle Chips


Kiddie Special





Offer valid (for pick up only):

Saturday, August 16th, 4pm-6:30pm

Sunday, August 17th, 2pm-4pm     

This Wednesday, James from Maverick Wine Company will be in the shop tasting out a few of his favorite wines including Elena Walch Pinot Bianco, Gramona Gessami, and Elena Walch Schiava. Gramona Gessami is a white blend from Spain with an aromatic nose of apricots, pears, citrus, and jasmine. Carrying a touch of acidity, the wine offers clean flavors of peaches and spice. The floral finish makes this a perfect wine to pair with sushi.

On Friday, The Noble Grape will be hosting a tequila tasting featuring Tromba Tequila! Created by Marco Cedano, Mexico’s preeminent master distiller, Tromba is a boutique tequila produced in small batches. Tromba’s sweet, fresh flavor exemplify Marco’s unique production techniques and passion for perfection. Be sure to stop by and sample this fantastic spirit, perfect for any summer party!

Rosé Sale!

Chicago, you’ve done it again! You have bestowed upon your humble denizens a beautiful summer; full of perfect weather, fantastic concerts, and delicious foods. So we here at The Noble Grape are gonna take a page from your book and give back some too. That’s right Chicago, from Friday through Sunday, The Noble Grape is marking all bottles of Rosé 15% off! Bottles of Triennes? 15% off! Bottles of Red Car? 15% off! Bottles of La Crema? ...You guessed it, 15% off! It’s gonna be a good summer guys, let’s make the most of it.

This Wednesday, from 6-8, Sam of Heritage Wine Cellars will be swinging by the shop with a few of his favorite wines for you to taste including Santa Barbara Chardonnay, Deusa Nai Albariño, Skouras Zoe Rosé, Peter Lehmann Layers red blend, and Santa Julia Orgainca Tempranillo. Peter Lehmann Layers is a blend of Shiraz, Tempranillo, Mourvédre and Grenache. This multi-dimensional wine is an exciting medium blend of the four grape varieties. The color is vibrant cherry with a burst of red berries and spice on the nose, leading to a softly textured finish.

Then on Friday the always charming, Anjelle from Stoller Wholesale is hanging out with us and she is bringing with her JP Chenet Rosé, New Age Sauvignon Blanc blend, McManis Pinot Noir, Albatros Malbec, and New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon. New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon is first aged in new American oak barrels for several years, before a three month beer-y slumber. The beer-barrel aging lends biscuity notes and a smooth malt character to the robust whiskey tones of toffee and caramel.

But wait, there’s more! In the back of the shop this Friday, Ben from Berghoff Brewery is pouring their brilliant beers! Come join us as we taste out Berghoff Shambler, Germaniac Pale Ale, and Stock Ale. Tasty beer that’s local? You’re welcome.

Chasing Harvest, and Matchbook, and Une Annee... Oh MYYYY!

You guys have it soooo easy. In my day, we had to walk five miles uphill BOTH WAYS to just get a sip of wine! Now all a Tom, Dick, or Jane needs to do for a tasty drink of vino is head down to The Noble Grape any Wednesday or Friday from 6-8 and BOOM you got yourself a wine tasting. Heck, we might even throw some beer into the mix as well.

This Wednesday, The Noble Grape will be featuring wines from Chasing Harvest. Created by husband and wife team, Michael Kush and Jennifer Kingen Kush, ‘Chasing harvest’ is a wine industry term that describes travel between the northern and southern hemispheres for extra vintage seasons in one year. After Mike’s first vintage in Sonoma, friends suggested they chase harvest, 20 harvests later, the rest is history. With just their passports and backpacks, a passion for adventure, travel, and wine inspired them to ‘chase harvest’ across five continents, eight countries, and 20 vintages. The wine selection on Wednesday will consist of Michael and Jennifer’s New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, as well as their Portuguese Vinho Tinto.

Friday will feature a double tasting with Keli up front pouring Matchbook Vineyards wines including Matchbook Chardonnay, Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Malbec, and Tinto Rey. Matchbook focuses on varietals that perform well in the warm Dunnigan Hills climate and their Tinto Rey is no exception. Tinto Rey means Red King. Tempranillo is the king of Spanish red wines and one of the most important red varietals in Matchbook Vineyard. The Spanish varietals Tempranillo and Graciano contribute spicy red berry fruit flavors; Syrah adds rich flavors of black cherry and blueberry; the spicy cedar and tobacco notes are from the cool-weather Cabernet Sauvignon.  

In the back of the shop there will be an in-house tasting of Une Année Brewery beers. Une Année focuses on making great beer with an emphasis on Belgian and French styles. Founded early 2012, Une Année’s approach is to make a few beers, very well. Come out and try their Less Is More Saison, Enkel Abbey Ale, and Maya Première Belgian IPA!    

DrinkFly, Great Wine, & Mixed Company

Every now and then we all must take a beat and unwind. We must breathe in the air and reflect upon where we are and where we are going. We must pause and be thankful for who we have in our lives, for the opportunities we have been given and for endless potential opportunities to come. Of course, when we take these moments of mindful stillness it always helps to have a glass (or two) of wine on hand, and that’s why The Noble Grape has two tastings lined up for you this week… That and because we like you guys a lot.

On Wednesday, Chris from Select Beverage Co. will visit with us and sample out Qta do Casal Monteiro Branco, Runquist 1448 red blend, as well as several other great bottles. Runquist 1448 has a big, deep, thick color. The aromas feature ripe and juicy black raspberries. The bouquet is full of sweet vanilla hazelnut oak. The flavors are big, rich, and balanced, with plenty of dense ripe black fruits, especially blackberry. The acidity is vibrant, and lends a zesty lift to the fruit flavors. The cooperage contributes to the rich body and luscious mouth-feel, without adding too much in the way of oak tannins. The tannins are mature and well integrated. The finish is soft, smooth, and lingering.

This Thursday, Eckhart Park is hosting a concert in the park! Come enjoy Mixed Company and their extensive playlist spanning blues, smooth jazz, R&B, soul, funk, reggae and salsa. Music for all ages and mixture of current titles, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s. But be sure to stop by The Noble Grape first for all your tasty drink needs.

Friday features a tasting with Brian from Compass Wine and Spirits. Brian will be pouring Le Chardonnay, La Croix Belle Rosé, Fred’s red blend, and Zinzilla. Zinzilla’s blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry, and dark cherry essences are so full and flavorful they converge to define the term “jammy”. Those dense layers of fruit blend with other flavors and aromas of chocolate, pepper and spice, making Zinzilla a BIG, BOLD, & BALANCED wine – meant to be paired with strong flavors like ribs, burgers, and red sauced pastas.

We offer delivery and pick-up from DrinkFly

Use promo code Noble10 for $10 off your first order of $20 or more

Available on GooglePlay and iTunes.

Cheap and Easy

Just the way we like our… wine. Particularly in the summertime, when the weather dictates that every gathering of friends must take place in backyards, patios, or rooftops. “Porch-pounders” are the name of the game, and The Noble Grape is here to help you win all season long. From bottles of crisp rosé to playful sparklings to luscious reds we have the perfect wines for yourself and those near and dear to you. So be sure to ask any of our delightful staff for recommendations or saunter on over to the staff picks table and check out the phenomenal wines waiting there for you!   

This weeks tastings include wines from France, Italy, and Sardinia! On Wednesday, Jessica from Candid Wines will sample out Santomè Prosecco, Domaine de la Louvetrie Landron Muscadet, Domaine des Cèdres Rosé, Cosimo Maria Masini Nicole Sangiovese, and Domaine Bourdic Zappa Bourdic red blend. Looking for a wine to pair with grilled fish? You can’t go wrong with Domaine des Cèdres Rosé: clean, bright, low alcohol, and inexpensive, this is the perfect bottle for a summer evening grill-out.

Friday promises more fun wines with Fabio from Buon Gusto Sardinian Goods. Fabio will pour several of his favorite Sardinian wines including Prime Luci, Tarda Sera, San Bernardino, and Nepente di Oliena. Tarda Sera is a ruby red wine with garnet-like tones developing with age. The nose has pronounced scents of red fruits while the body is dry, sapid, and tannic just to the right degree. Need a bottle of wine to pair with cheese and charcuterie plate? Look no further than Tarda Sera.   

Fine Wine & 4th of July

Freedom, flags, fireworks, friends, and food. These are the makings for a pretty good 4th of July soiree. But if you desire to create a truly dazzling party, the kind of party which is the talk of the town, you will of course need one final ingredient: booze. Good thing The Noble Grape is here to provide you with all your craft wine, beer and spirit needs! From bottles of light rosé to crisp pilsners to all the bourbon you could ever need, The Noble Grape has a little bit of everything for you and your nearest and dearest. Just remember to get here early because we will be closing at 6 P.M. on Friday!


Since we will not have a tasting on Friday, Wednesday’s tasting is gonna be better than ever! Stephane from Connoisseur Wines will be tasting out five of our most popular wines. Featuring Manifesto Sauvignon Blanc, Bastianich Malvasia, Birichino Rosé, Andeluna Altitud Malbec, and Edge Cabernet Sauvignon this tasting will have something for everyone. Don’t forget to keep these wines in mind for Friday night!     

Brooklyn Cuvée Noire & Rioja Rosado!

The Noble Square/ West Town neighborhood is an eclectic mix of people; families who have been residents of the area for generations live alongside couples looking to plant roots and create families of their own. Young people still attending school reside in the same buildings of artists who have used this community as a source of inspiration for years. New restaurants and shops pop up on the same blocks that hold family owned stores operated by fathers and sons, by mothers and daughters. The Noble Grape strives to embrace and mirror this diverse collection of people and ideas through our own eclectic collection of wine, beer, and spirits. Our tastings are designed to introduce you to new brands and varietals as well as remind you about old favorites and see what exciting things they have been brewing!

On Wednesday, Mandi from Zymology will pour a few of her favorite wines including New Zealand’s Box O’ Birds Sauvignon Blanc and California’s Deep Sea Pinot Noir as well as several other taste-tastic bottles. Come over and snack on some cheese while tasting these summer winners!

This Friday evening, The Noble Grape has another double-header tasting! In the front of the shop Carrie from Wines of Rioja will be pouring four amazing bottles of rosé from the Rioja region of Spain! The wines being poured are Muga, Faustino VII, Marques de Caceres, and Ontanon Clarete. Rosé is the perfect wine for summertime and the wineries of Rioja know how to make them shine brightest! And speaking of Summer

In the back of the shop this Friday, The Noble Grape is thrilled to be hosting Brooklyn Breweries release of Brooklyn Cuvée Noire! Come join us as we taste out Brooklyn Cuvée Noire, as well as Brooklyn Blast IPA, Brooklyn Summer Ale, and Brooklyn Lager.

Summer is here to stay, so let’s celebrate it together and make it one of the best ever!  

Hoppin’ Frog & Vinho Verde

What’s better than singing in the rain? Drinking in the rain, duh! And seeing as how there’s nothing but rain in store for the near future, we should probably pull out all the stops and throw not one, not two, not three, but four tasty tastings this week! That’s right, The Noble Grape has done it again, it’s time for another double-double! Two days of tastings with both wine AND beer each day! OH BOY!

On Wednesday in the front of the shop, The Noble Grape will be pouring several of Portugal’s favorite “young wines”, the tried and true Vinho Verdes. Literally meaning "green wine," but translating as "young wine" Vinho Verdes can be both red or white wines. Tomorrow we will be focusing on the white blends including the Casal Garcia, Pavao, and Qta do Casal Monteiro.

In the back of the shop, Lori from Fox Deluxe will sample out a few beers including Hoppin’ Frog Gangster Frog IPA, Big Muddy Brewing Monster Brown IPA, and Fort Collins Brewery Rocky Mountain IPA. Scoring a 95 on Beer Advocate, Hoppin’ Frog Gangster Frog IPA is a crisp and satisfying American I.P.A. with a skillfully assertive American hop aroma & flavor. Bright spicy citrus hop character up front, with a distinct orange & tropical fruit hop bouquet to add a welcome complexity & strike the perfect balance. It’s all about the hops with Gangster Frog I.P.A.

Then on Friday Anjelle from Stoller Wine will taste out some of her favorite wines such as Zamo Bianco, Chateau Haut Rian Rosé, Dupond L'Agnostique, and Cypher Zin Bitch Zinfandel. Chateau Haut Rian Rosé is a rich and charming blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon grown on clay-limestone soils. It has a bright color and fresh aromas full of red currants, strawberries, licorice root and spices. In the mouth the wine is round and savory, fresh without any hard edges with a lingering, fruit-filled finish.

Friday’s beer tasting will feature Astra, Maeloc Pear Cider, and Clown Shoes Galactica IPA. Galactica is a vibrant, hoppy IPA that is dry-hopped with Galaxy hops giving it a pleasant, citrusy aroma and flavor. It is quite yummy.

Journeyman & Matchbook

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful city situated next to a big lake. The lake was sooo big, some people called it “great”. But this isn’t a story about the lake, this a story about the city next to the lake and the people who lived there. You see, these brave, smart, handsome people were forced to spend a long, cold winter inside their houses; not once getting to enjoy the beautiful city without the dreadful cold touching their very bones. It was sooo cold, people could boil water and watch as it turned to snow outside! Finally, after waiting inside all winter long, the people looked out their windows to see that it was sunny and warm out. Finally, the good people could go back outside! They smiled and cheered, throwing neighborhood block parties and barbeques and all sorts of fun things. But then, a mean weather magician named Tom Skilling told the people that it would rain soon and become cold once more. The people did not like that. Not one bit. What would they do if it was cold and wet outside? How could they spend time with their friends and neighbors? What would they do? Well, just when things seemed their darkest a band of people took to the rooftops shouting, “Take heart! Just because it’s cold and wet out doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Come to The Noble Grape and drink craft spirits and wine with us!” The people rejoiced, and flocked to The Noble Grape, and waiting for them as promised were craft spirits from Journeyman Distillery and wines from Matchbook Vineyards!

That’s right, this weeks tasting lineup includes spirits from Journeyman Distillery on Wednesday and wine from Matchbook Vineyards on Friday!

For our Journeyman tasting, we will be sampling out their Red Arrow Vodka, Road’s End Rum, Bilberry Black Hearts Gin, Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey, and Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur. The Noble Grape was lucky enough to sample through several barrels of Journeyman Distillery’s finest Whiskeys recently and chose what we considered to be the crème de la crème of their Private Barrel Selection. Now we are proud to be the sole seller of Journeyman’s Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey Noble Grape Label! This Whiskey has a nose of butterscotch; the smooth body contains flavors of honey, blackstrap molasses and a hint of spice on the finish. Believe me, it’s good.

Then on Friday, Keli will be pouring Matchbook Vineyards Chardonnay, Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Malbec, and Tinto Rey. Matchbook focuses on varietals that perform well in the warm Dunnigan Hills climate and their Tinto Rey is no exception. Tinto Rey means Red King. Tempranillo is the king of Spanish red wines and one of the most important red varietals in Matchbook Vineyard. The Spanish varietals Tempranillo and Graciano contribute spicy red berry fruit flavors; Syrah adds rich flavors of black cherry and blueberry; the spicy cedar and tobacco notes are from the cool-weather Cabernet Sauvignon.      

Goose Island & Languedoc

It was a busy, busy, BUSY weekend here at The Noble Grape and we have each and everyone of you (as well as our veterans) to thank for making it so great. This upcoming weekend looks like it will be another amazing couple of days, so let’s kick it off with a few wine tastings… and how about we throw some beer into the mix too, yeah?

The wine tastings begin this Wednesday with a mystery tasting! Don’t be fooled by it’s name, the only mystery about this tasting will be how we keep bringing in better and better wines for you to drink! Starting at 6, the one-and-only, Alex Basich will be on hand to provide you with these delicious libations. Be sure to ask him if any of our wines are “good”, he loves that.

On Friday, The Noble Grape is bringing back the “double-header tastings” with two knockouts. At 5:30 the wine side of the tasting begins with a journey to the Languedoc region of France and a sampling of some of their finest grapes. Here’s a brief primer on the beginnings of this ancient region courtesy of http://www.languedoc-wines.com:

The history of the Languedoc vineyard begins with the Greeks, many eras before our time, when the vine was introduced in the 5th Century B.C.  And like many other French vineyards, it developed considerably under the impetus of the Romans, having taken up the torch as fine connoisseurs of vine cultivation of their state.  Since then, the wine-growing industry has played a significant role in the regional economy.

Check out their website for any all questions you may have about this amazing area!

Then, in the back of the shop at 6, The Noble Grape will have Rachel from Goose Island Brewery pouring several of their tried and true beers! Come by and see what Rachel will have in store for us. I’m guessing they’ll be delicious!