Longer Lasting Wine

I like wine, you like wine, EVERYONE LIKES WINE! But sometimes I only like a little bit of wine, a glass, maybe two. And therein lies the problem, I don’t want to waste half a bottle of delicious wine! What to do with a bottle after it has been opened? Well, there are a few options: First, recork that bottle and keep it in the ‘fridge for a couple of days. Second, buy a wine pump, remove some of the oxygen from the bottle, and keep in the ‘fridge for a few more days. Third, buy some really nice wine in a pouch, keep it for up to six weeks, and feel just a little smug in the knowledge that your wine uses highly sustainable packaging that has fewer raw materials, less Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and an improved product to package ratio than a bottle of wine! Wine Pouches, yeah! But more on that later.


This Wednesday, Freddy from Robert Houde Wines is having an Italian Wine Tasting for the ages, and it’s happening here! Freddy will be tasting out Bortolotti Lagrein Rosato Brut, Gini Soave Classico, Guelfi Montepulciano, and Pardi Montefalco Rosso. Pardi Montefalco Rosso has an intense and brilliant ruby color, a fine and vinous nose dominated by red fruits and especially cherries, a full and generous palate with big tannins and a persistent finish. This wine is perfect for food, particularly lamb or a carbonara. Freddy will also be tasting out an Austrian Gruner Veltliner. It’s good.

On Thursday, The Noble Grape will close at 8 for a private party. Be sure to grab your booze beforehand. That is all.


Friday night, Eric from Bonfire Wines will be sampling out their Pouch Wines! Founded by Eric Steigelman, Bonfire Wines was created to provide a solution to wine drinkers who wanted a wine along with the ability to take it with them wherever their “Bonfire” experiences led them. Stop by and try their floral delight, Ignite as well as their velvety Ember!