Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

This seems to be the recent theme of our unending winter. But just like House Stark in Game Of Thrones, Chicagoans are made of hearty stock and know that winter is always coming. Therefore, we here at The Noble Grape will continue to celebrate this consistently cold climate with a pair of paramount tastings designed to delight the denizens of our district. But first, are you familiar with Cyser’s?

Cyser is a type of Mead made with apples, honey, and yeast. In essence, it is a Mead/Cider hybrid. This is one of the oldest fermented drinks in history and has been said to bestow upon the drinker good health, virility/fertility, and even special powers! It also tastes great. Vander Mill Cider & Wine Co. teamed up with New Holland Brewing Company to make their own version called, Puff The Magic Cyser. Made with Michigan apples and wildflower honey and aged in New Holland Brewing Company Dragon’s Milk Barrels, this Cyser has an added richness from the stout barrels which is balanced out by the honey and finishes with a hint of acidity from the cider. This is perfect for an early spring picnic or to sip on after dinner.
  On Wednesday, Anjelle from Stoller Wholesale will grace us with her presence and bring a few bottles of wine along with her. The tasting will consist of JP Chenet Sparkling Rose, Elsa Bianchi Torrontes, Restivo Malbec, Lan Rioja Crianza, and Oops Carmenere. Oops Carmenere is full of blackberry aromas that are underscored by notes of ground white pepper, spices, and leather. Rich and mouthfilling, black currant and plum flavors explode on the palate, with spice and herbs. The tannins are surprisingly smooth and silky for a wine with such body and flavor. This is a lovely wine, perfect for a richer BYOB dinner!

  Friday night will feature Stephanie from Connoisseur Wines and her favorite wines. The bottles being poured are the Bellafina Prosecco, Ventana Chardonnay, Ventana Pinot Noir, and Jason Stephens Estate Merlot. Merlot is back, baby! And it is better than ever. This grape is versatile enough to work well in red blends and can stand up to heavy food pairings on it’s own. The Jason Stephens Estate Merlot has a dense mouthfeel which is still silky smooth with velvety tannins. Concentrated fruit flavors are heightened with slight sweetness. Get on board The Merlot Train!

  Also on Friday The Noble Grape will be featuring the Enterprise CarShare promotion. Sign up for a membership at The Noble Grape and receive a $10 Noble Grape Gift Card.