Fancy Pants Wine Tasting

With the weather taking a turn for AWESOME, it’s time to pull out the big guns! It’s time for a few tastings that will knock your socks off! It’s time for The Noble Grape to give a little something for YOUR effort! It’s time for some special tastings.

The double header this Wednesday starts at 5:30 with a Vinho Verde sampling featuring the tried and true Casal Garcia! Vinho Verde, the most popular white wine from Portugal, is a deliciously refreshing, light wine. Verde, meaning green refers to the hints of lime color. It is an ideal warm weather wine, excellent for lunch and picnics, or an evening aperitif. It makes a brilliant pairing with any fish, shellfish and poultry. Then, beginning at 6, The Noble Grape will be pouring Purity Vodak, winner of 2011, 2012, and 2013’s Grand Vodka Master Award and the most awarded Ultra-Premium Vodka in the world.

On Thursday, Greg from Wirtz will be pouring several truly special wines including Wind Racer Chardonnay, Cenyth Cabernet Sauvignon blend, La Jota Merlot, and La Jota Cabernet Sauvignon. La Jota Vineyard was founded in the 1890s by Frederick Hess, an immigrant from Locarno, Switzerland, who established a German-language newspaper in San Francisco. No doubt influenced by other European immigrants involved in California's nascent wine industry, Hess purchased 327 acres of a Mexican land grant—Rancho La Jota—high on Howell Mountain for his vineyards. In 1898 he built the winery from volcanic ash rock quarried right on the property; his first fermentation tanks also came from the estate—from a stand of nearby coastal redwoods. While growing grapes in the nutrient-lean, volcanic soils of La Jota estate is challenging, the rewards are undeniable. Highly concentrated flavors and muscular tannins slowly mature to perfection, while the cool winds, diurnal temperature swings and high altitude keep the grape acids impeccably balanced, revealing the distinctive voice of their estate. This is a must attend event!

Then, on Friday, Andrew from Eagle Eye will sample out several of his favorite wines while in the back of the shop there will be an in-house tasting of Une Année Brewery beers. Une Année focuses on making great beer with an emphasis on Belgian and French styles. Founded early 2012, Une Année’s approach is to make a few beers, very well. Their flagship beer and initial release is Maya a Belgian IPA, followed by Life Beyond Death Black Saison Ale, Tripel Abbey Ale, and Quad Abbey Ale. For anyone interested in the local craft brewing game, this is a tasting you cannot miss!