Goose Island & Languedoc

It was a busy, busy, BUSY weekend here at The Noble Grape and we have each and everyone of you (as well as our veterans) to thank for making it so great. This upcoming weekend looks like it will be another amazing couple of days, so let’s kick it off with a few wine tastings… and how about we throw some beer into the mix too, yeah?

The wine tastings begin this Wednesday with a mystery tasting! Don’t be fooled by it’s name, the only mystery about this tasting will be how we keep bringing in better and better wines for you to drink! Starting at 6, the one-and-only, Alex Basich will be on hand to provide you with these delicious libations. Be sure to ask him if any of our wines are “good”, he loves that.

On Friday, The Noble Grape is bringing back the “double-header tastings” with two knockouts. At 5:30 the wine side of the tasting begins with a journey to the Languedoc region of France and a sampling of some of their finest grapes. Here’s a brief primer on the beginnings of this ancient region courtesy of

The history of the Languedoc vineyard begins with the Greeks, many eras before our time, when the vine was introduced in the 5th Century B.C.  And like many other French vineyards, it developed considerably under the impetus of the Romans, having taken up the torch as fine connoisseurs of vine cultivation of their state.  Since then, the wine-growing industry has played a significant role in the regional economy.

Check out their website for any all questions you may have about this amazing area!

Then, in the back of the shop at 6, The Noble Grape will have Rachel from Goose Island Brewery pouring several of their tried and true beers! Come by and see what Rachel will have in store for us. I’m guessing they’ll be delicious!