Valentine’s Day

The Rhone Valley is a key wine-producing region in the south-east of France. It follows the north–south course of the Rhone river for almost 150 miles from Lyon to the Rhone Delta (the Bouches-du-Rhône), near the Mediterranean coast. The length of the valley means that Rhone wines are the product of a wide variety of soil types and mesoclimates. The region's wine-producing areas cover such a distance that there is a widely accepted division between its northern and southern parts. Rather neatly, they are separated by a gap of 25 miles (40 km) between the towns of Valance and Montelimar, in which almost no vines are grown.

This division is reflected not only in geography and preferred grape varieties, but also in the quality and quantity of wines produced. The smaller, more quality-driven northern section focuses almost entirely on Syrah for red wines and Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne for whites, while the larger and more prolific south employs a much longer list of varieties. The most notable of these are the red varieties Grenache and Mourvedre, which are combined with Syrah to produce the 'GSM' blend so characteristic of the southern Rhone. While the granite-blessed slopes of the north are paired with a continental climate, the rocky, sandy soils of the flatter south enjoy the warmer winters of a Mediterranean climate.

The Noble Grape has FOUR great tastings for you this week, and don’t forget, all bottles of Rosé are marked 15% off through Valentine’s Day!

On Wednesday, Amy will be tasting out several of South African wineries Eighth Wonder wines. The bottles being opened will include Good Hope Chardonnay, Silver Tree Meritage, Silver Tree Reserve, and Lively Grove Pinotage. The Lively Grove Pinotage is rich and voluptuous, alive with delicious sweet cherry and concentrated black fruit flavors. Hints of fragrant vanilla and muted oak tones all contribute to the wine’s complexity. The finish is smooth and generous.

On Friday, in the front of the shop, The Noble Grape will feature a Valentine’s Day themed wine tasting. In the back of the shop, Sarah from Heartland Beer will pour several of her favorite beers including Middle Brow Beer Co. Robyn Blonde Farmhouse Ale, Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer, as well as Pig Minds Brewing Co.’s Sweep The Leg IPA and Vanilla Bitch Slap American Red Ale. The Robyn is a strong blonde farmhouse ale that utilizes a malt profile derived from both german hefeweizens and belgian blonde ales and is fermented with a special yeast blend from omega yeast labs that combines farmhouse and belgian abbey strains. Yummy!

And finally, The Noble Grape is thrilled to present you with…

Valentine’s Day!!!

A day when lovers can celebrate their romantic bliss, and everyone else can drink like it’s any other Saturday (except with more empty chocolate boxes littered about).

This Saturday, The Noble Grape invites both lovers and loners alike to join us from 4-6 for a Saturday Wine Tasting Extravaganza! We will be tasting out wines that are perfect for cooking a romantic meal for a special someone, or just perfect for drinking on your couch… we won’t judge. Sparkling lovers, look for Col Mesian Spumante Rosé and Gran Pasion Cava, two delicious bubbly bottles perfect to pop before spending a night out on the town. For everyone thirsting for something big and juicy, check out The Seducer and Immortal Zin Zinfandels, these bold and unabashed reds will keep you warm all night long.